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  Beauty Care Series Fluorine combs® Japanese Scissor Bread Knife

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Toshiaki Saitoh

Sapporo City University Graduate school Professor

Product name: Japanese Scissor

°»Wabasami is easy to cut exactly where I want to, due to the close location of the blades and my hand. Fan Out°«s Wabasami have wider handles where I put my thumb, making it easy to cut without using much force. Clothes for dolls are very tiny and have to re-sewn many times, this Wabasami is very useful for cutting sewing thread.°…
°»I have been using this Wabasami for 4 months. It has become a part of my hand and I can°«t do my work without this tool.°…

1951 born in Tokyo
1977 graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts
1977-1992 NHK
1992-2001 Sapporo Techinical College Associate professor
2001-2006 Sapporo Techinical College Professor
2006- Sapporo City University Professor
2010- Sapporo City University Graduate school Professor

the dolls below are Prof. Saitoh's work "Gumi" "Tamamo" "Kona"