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  Beauty Care Series Fluorine combs® Japanese Scissor Bread Knife  

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Hair & Makeup Artist



Augment Co., Ltd

'I like that Fan Out products are supporting the true procedures of Japanese craftsmanship. I think products made in Japan are very particular about their quality. I am very particular about what products I use and all of Fan Out°«s products are easy to use, light and thin; making me very happy to be able to easily carry along with me.
When using the foot scraper, dry skin falls out the back of the file like powder, and it°«s nice to not have to remove dry skin one-by-one. I°«m happy that the foot scraper is flexible and fits nicely on the heel.
Fan Out°«s nail file is very similar to the foot file. It°«s light and flexible making it easy to use on small nails.
With Fan Out products, I don°«t have to worry about damaging any types of skin. Before doing model°«s makeup, they often use my Fan Out items. I recommend that everyone should try these products.'


After becoming a licensed beautician, I started working as a makeup artist and have won numerous contests. I pride myself at being able to make °∆skin look fresh and shiny°« and °∆delicately apply eye makeup to complement your personality°«.