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  Beauty Care Series Fluorine combs® Japanese Scissor Bread Knife

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Mayumi Okashita

Hair . Make Up Artist

Product name:Fluorine Comb F202°ĘNail File

°»There are many cases of teasing hair when setting, F202 does not put unnecessary power in comparison with other combs, and teased hair stand firmly. Even in general, not for only professionals, it is recommended when teasing hair because it can make inverted hair easily. °…

°»F202 Carbon is firm and comfortable because it is hard and strong, and because it catches the hair properly, it is an excellent comb that can make the hair gather together, especially for those with hard hair.°…

°»Since the nail file will bend along the nails, it can be used for fine details. It is light and thin so its convenient to carry, I recommend it for gifts.°…

Currently working as a freelance agent for salon work, hair and make up, lecturing, TV, advertisements and commercials.