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Keiko Otawa
German Style Foot Care Specialist
Representative of Salon de PureBody, Ginza

'I am currently using Fan Out’s foot scraper at my salon. The Fan Out foot scraper is very easy to use for removing calluses and dry skin, without damaging the skin. The Fan Out foot scraper is an item you can’t live without. Cleaning and disinfecting the foot scraper is very easy to do without it rusting, making me able to use it safely and hygienically.'


Representative of Salon de Purebody, Ginza
Associate Member of Japan Medical Association of Feet
Associate Member of Japan Foot Care Technology Association
Certified Facial Esthetician of Japan Esthetic Association

Salon de Purebody Concept

Removal of foot calluses, corns and bunions
Thickening of the skin on your heels/
Ingrown nails
Skin Edema
Acne and Anti-Aging techniques