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Ikuo Kano
Saiundo Co., Ltd
General Manager - Manufacturing Department

°»My company specializes in hand-made Japanese confections. In order to make our confections, we have to be able to use our fingertips to create very minute details, making us very cautious about our fingernails. If your fingernails are rough, you aren°«t able to mold the food in your hand. That°«s why I use Fan Out°«s nail file to create a smooth edge after cutting my nails. The subtle flexibility of this product is very nice.°…

1978 Became an employee of Saiundo Co., Ltd
1981 Certified Confectionary Hygienist
1990 Japanese Confections Professional Skills - Certified Level 1
1996 Vocational Training Instructor License received ( Bread & Sweets)
2005 Certified Excellent Professional Skills in Japanese Confections
2009 Certified by the Wagashi Association of Japan