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  Beauty Care Series Fluorine combs® Japanese Scissor Bread Knife  

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Hiromi Abe

Cooking Researcher

Product name: Damascus Bread Knife

°»The pattern of the Damascus steel blade is beautiful and does not feel heavy like most sharp knives. When cutting bread, there will be no bread crumbs. Until I came across this knife, I would have my bread cut by the baker, making dry faster, and the smell and taste will go away. Now, not only does the taste stay, but you can cut a loaf of bread longitudinally creating new recipes and broadening your menu.°…

Acquired national cooking qualification in Thailand
Sponsored by Thai Restaurant °∆Salon°« and Thai cooking class °∆Alloy Burn°«
ABC Cooking Studio Cooking Instructor (Japanese é• Kaiseki é• Italian é• French é• Chinese é• Culinary Foundation Lecturer)
ABC Cooking Studio Thai Bangkok Studio Launch
ABC Cooking Travel Inbound Menu Development Cookery Instructor