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Christina Farrell Makeup artist whose work can been seen at movie premieres, Emmy and Oscar award ceremonies.

'The tweezers is phenomenal! As always, Fan Out is the highest quality, and products that not only are functional, but help artists have the best tools available. I trust the products to be innovative and the best on the market. I highly recommend all the beauty tools as essentials in every artists kit.'


Christina Farrell has more than 14 years of experience as a freelance makeup artist and industry expert working in all aspects of the business, including fashion, film, television and print. Along with her commercial and cosmetic teachings, her work can be seen at movie premieres as well as the Emmy and Oscar award ceremonies. Her time in the makeup artistry field has led her to work on such diverse projects as CNN, music videos for Nashville Capitol records, work with the NFL channel, the Sci-Fi network and events such as the St. Jude Runway for Life, and NY Fashion Week. Her most recent projects include a guest spot on TLC's What Not To Wear, helping to create a new modern makeup look for Miss America, and as an on air makeup expert for the E! morning show That Morning Show . Christina also is the founder and editor of the popular beauty blog The Makeup Blogger. . Some of her advertising clientele has included work with Jenny Craig, and Gucci, and her celebrity clientele includes Julie Christie, Debi Mazar, Valerie Bertanelli, Emmitt Smith, Mario Andretti, , Phylcia Rashad and Jason Alexander.