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Black Series

The heel and sole of your feet support your weight and ability to walk. It is ideal to keep the skin of your feet in smooth condition in order to support your back. Our foot scraper’s design is very unique and keeps your feet in healthy condition.
The perforated holes have many directional lines within them, making it easy to remove unwanted dead skin. The excess skin will be disposed through the perforated holes without needing to clean the tool until after each use. Our foot scraper is made of Japanese stainless steel; making it durable, washable and rust resistant. People with dry skin will gain much use from this product.

Product Name Foot Scraper Black Large
Product No FOJ027
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions Length 13.9 Width 2.3 cm
Weight 23.0 grams
Made in Japan  

Foot Scraper Black Large
  JPY 6480

Soak your foot scraper in antibacterial solution to disinfect fungus and avoid worssening athlete’s foot. Use with caution in case of diabetes and/or circulatory impairments.

Japanese Patent No. 5073881
International Patent Pending