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Fan Out tweezers’ design is very different from others, making our tweezers very comfortable to use without pinching your skin. The blades are sharpened by Master Craftsmen, and are designed to remove unwanted hair without cutting the hair, while leaving a smooth finish to your skin. There are small blades on the tip of the tweezers, which can be used to remove unwanted hair in difficult to reach locations. Our tweezers are made of Japanese stainless steel; making it durable, washable and rust resistant.

Product Name Tweezer        SS ・ S ・ M ・ L
Tweezer w. Heart Mark SH・MH・LH
Product No SS・S・M・L:( FOK017・FOK018・FOK020・FOK022 )
SH・MH・LH:( FOK019・FOK021・FOK023 )
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions Blade Width SS 2.0mm
       S  3.1 mm
       M 4.5 mm
       L  7.0 mm
Weight SS 8.4 grams
S  9.4 grams
M 9.4 grams
L 11.6 grams
Made in Japan  

Tweezer SS
  JPY 8316
Tweezer S
  JPY 8316
Tweezer M
  JPY 8316
Tweezer L
  JPY 8316
Tweezer SH
  JPY 9072
Tweezer MH
  JPY 9072
Tweezer LH
  JPY 9072

Available in 4 different sizes

SS   For pinpoint precision.
Small   For face, eyes, ears and nose.
Medium   For face, eyes, ears, nose and body.
Large   For body including legs and chest. Able to remove multiple hairs at once.

・SH/MH/LH ( ’H’ indicates heart mark type )

Japanese Patent No. 5063830
United States Patent No. US 9,232,842 B2